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Keystone High School - Class of 98

Calendar of Events

Classmates of 1998
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Calendar of Events
Class Reunion
Committee Info
  • Next Reunion Committee Mtg:  7pm on Tuesday 4/15 @ Dawn & Matt's House in Oberlin.
  • Next Reunion Committee Mtg:  7pm on Tuesday 4/8 @ The Harry Buffalo in Elyria.
    MARCH '08
    • ATTN!  Due to inclement weather, the 03/08 mtg has been canceled.  This mtg will be rescheduled.
    • Committee meeting 03/08/08!  Will be discussing and finalizing Venue Rental as well as costs and potential themes, etc.
    • Re-Scheduled Meeting: 03/25/08 at 7pm...LACENTRE
    • Found about 40 classmates on Myspace (app. 1/3 of the class), even more on
    • Create a Class Website for all to access Reunion Info on
    • Began to list all classmates and note if they are located or still "missing"
    • The 23rd is scheduled to gather all Volunteers to make our Reunion a memborable one!  (Getting things underway and forming all sub-committees...)
    JANUARY '08
    • Announce Myspace Page & Locate Friends
    • Second gathering of Planning Committee, focusing on what is needed to execute a successful end result, etc.
    DECEMBER '07
    • Created a MySpace Reunion Page
    NOVEMBER '07
    • First get together to start planning a 10yr Class Reunion
    • Responce from Andy
    • Find ways to locate classmates (Classmates, Reunion, Myspace, etc.)

    OCTOBER '07

    • Research possible Reunion Events, Locations, etc.

    JULY '07

    • Talk of a 10 yr Reunion
    • Locate and E-mail Class President, Andy Heers.

    You can contact the Reunion Committee by e-mail: