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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reunion Costs and Fundraising Opportunities

Our class is in need of funds to help lower our ticket prices. Thanks to our classmate's connections we have a few ways we will be trying to earn money for our class.

Before we get into the details of what Fund Raisers we'll be having, FIRST I'd like to address some questions that you may have:

Why do we need to raise money?
There have been complaints that ticket prices were going to be over $50/ticket. Also, so far, all expenses incurred have come directly from committee member's pockets.

Where is our Class Fund?
We've been informed thru our Class President, Andy Heers, that there are no funds in our Class Account.

What is a Class Fund?
Our Class Dues collected over the yrs were collected into a "Class Fund."

Why are there no Funds in our Account?
A scholarship was given in the Memory of Dan Callihan.

How do we acquire funds and save on Reunion Ticket Prices?

Ok, now on to some exciting news. Our Class Reunion will be Held on July 19th at LACENTRE in Westlake. Thru David Leffew's connections, we are getting some pricing discounts from the Venue.

This helps us out a lot! Thanks David!

For Fund-raising, thru Tina (Pumprhey)'s connections, The Harry Buffalo in Elyria will be holding a Fund Raiser for us on Sunday, May 4th from 4-6pm. Tickets for this event are currently being printed and will be available for purchase in about a week. The tickets are $10 each and allows you admission to our Fund Raiser where you'll receive FREE Domestic Draft Beer & Pizza from 4-6pm on 5/4. The tickets can be purchased from any committee member. We will let you know when the tickets go on sale. In the mean time, please pass the word on so that we can have a GREAT turnout! Anyone can purchase these tickets, not just the Class of '98. So please inform your friends, family and neighbors of our Event!! More info to come soon.... (Thanks Tina & The Harry Buffalo!!!)

Thru our pre-Reunion Fund-raisers, we will be able to lower ticket prices and make our weekend Reunion Events even better. The night of our Reunion we'll be selling Raffle tickets to win prizes, i.e. Indians tickets (Thanks Jason!). The Raffle tickets will be sold 1 for $1 or 10 for $5. So, be sure to bring some $ingle$ with you to the Reunion to win some great items! Also, there will be a photographer at our Reunion. To save on costs we are not obtaining a Photographer from a Photography Studio, instead we will obtain an individual who does photography on the side. They will take random Pictures throughout the Night, some posed and some not. All pictures taken will be uploaded into a Slide Show and will be available for purchase. The money our class earns from the Raffle and from the pictures, will go to our class account for our Next reunion (so that we do not have the same issues that we do now). If you have any questions or ideas for donated raffle prizes, please let us know.

The KHS 1998 Reunion Committee

Dawn (Wasil)
Leslie Phillips
Danielle (Wilson)
Michele (Walsh)
Tina (Pumphrey)
Jason Canon
David Leffew

Thursday, April 10, 2008


MEETING MINUTES - April 8, 2008

LOCATION: Harry Buffalo-Elyria

ATTENDEES: Michele, Danielle, Dawn, Leslie

- A date for the reunion has been confirmed.  It will be held the weekend of July 18th - 20th. Leslie and Dawn have made "Save the Date" cards and they are ready to be mailed [April 9th].  Everyone from whom we have received contact information can expect one shortly.

- Tina (Pumphrey) has connections with Harry Buffalo, so we will be having Friday night's casual gathering there.  Free pizza and Buffalo Bucks will be provided ONLY to those who have paid for Saturday's event.  However, those who are not purchasing tickets to Saturday's event are also welcome to attend.

- A reunion location has been confirmed.  Saturday night's (July 19th) formal reunion will be held at LaCentre in Westlake. David has estimated tickets to be 50.00 a person.  This price to does not include the price of a DJ, but does include food and open bar.  We are checking to see if we can bring a cake from an outside source for dessert. Andy Heers has agreed to be the Master of Ceremonies IF he can attend.  David Leffew will be happy to fill in if Andy cannot be there.

-We have decided that we will hire someone to take pictures at the event.  They will be sold to classmates as a fundraiser.

-We are also looking into nice ideas for favors and decorations.  LaCentre provides their own decorations, but we are considering incorporating our school colors somehow if the price is right.

-We are trying to acquire donated prizes to raffle off during Saturday's event as a fundraiser.   We are looking to anyone with connections to help us out with this matter.

-Leslie has volunteered her copy of the Senior video to be played throughout the night.  She has agreed to check with David to see if LaCentre has a VCR on hand, or if Mr. Leffew has a copy on DVD.

-Sunday's Family Picnic is coming along nicely.  It will be at Lagrange Community Park. Good news is that the rental of the shelter/pavilion is FREE! If we earn enough money through fundraising, we can provide chips, hotdogs, pop, cookies, etc. We are looking for classmates to bring any games they may have, i.e. volleyball, cornhole, frisbees, etc. We also want to provide bubbles and a pinata for the children.

-We are looking into reserving a block of rooms at an area hotel for those who are out of town and/or those who have had too much to drink at Saturday's event.

-The classmate search has been going very well.

Here are the stats:

-117 classmates located

-We have obtained addresses for 81 classmates

-Missing classmates: Pedar Anderson, Chad Anderson, Summer Beeler, Robert Boreman, Carla Gray, Richard Grudier, Nick Fitzgerald, David Halverson, Craig Hignett, Amy Holcomb, Blaire Johnson, Mike Kehl, Kristina Lysaght, Erica Maloney, Tom McGraw, Pam Miller, Joel Nau, Jennifer Norris, Ben Park, Jack Radway, Kristy Rider, Marsha Rodick, Beth Shivak, Mike Simon, Jennifer Terry, Stacy Tomazik, Stacie Webb, and Adam Schaffer. IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFORMATION PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP!

-Those of you who have not provided us with contact information need to do so ASAP so that we can send you a formal invitation.

-BIG NEWS about a fundraising opportunity has been discussed!! Read our next  blog post for specifics!!!

Next meeting will be held on April 15th at 7:00pm....


Friday, April 11, 2008



LOCATION: LaCentre in Westlake

ATTENDEES: Leslie, Dawn, Danielle, Michele, Jason, Tina, and David

Jason is compiling a list of peers and their contact information through various means of communication. By the next meeting the list should be almost complete, except for those peers who continue to be in a "missing" status.

Leslie is making postcards for our "Save the Dates," which I'm assuming will be compiled with addresses by the next meeting or will be brought so that we can all help address/stamp them.

Tina Volunteered the Harry Buffalo for Our Friday Night Casual Gathering and is checking into more specifics.

Michele has volunteered to keep our finances in order. At the next meeting, we'll need to discuss our finances more in depth. Note: We need to decide upon a menu and consult with David for exact prices. We'll also need to find out if David is able to use his connections to obtain a DJ Service for the night. If so, we'll need to discuss the costs for the DJ or search for a DJ ourselves. And, we'll be looking at how much money per person the entire weekend will cost. ETC!

Dawn & Matt have been checking out local parks and the costs for Pavilion Rental for Sunday. A few choices need to be decided upon. Also, we've discussed a BYO Picnic for Sunday and the Committee/Class provide the rent for the Pavilion and possible some activities for the children. BYO picnic is still a go as of now, but we may be able to charge a dollar or two more to provide possibly Hotdogs/Chips/Cookies at our "Family Day." More discussion is needed.

At the last meeting, Danielle/Michele/Leslie were discussing the Senior Video to be played without sound during the night of the Reunion. We'll need to find out if we need to have this in a DVD format or if LACENTRE has VCRs to play the video. Also, do we want to include the Yearbook video?

Fund Raisers were discussed at our last meeting as well. Tina mentioned she could arrange a Carwash with the Budweiser girls. Jason mentioned we could get donations for either raffles or silent auctions the night of the Reunion. He also offered two box seats to an Indians game for the cause. (THANKS Jason!). Dawn discussed the ideas of obtaining someone who does photography work on the side to come to the Reunion. We would pay a set fee for the Photographer, and have them upload the pictures to an online photo site. By charging more per portrait, we would then make a profit. Danielle suggested just bringing our own cameras and uploading the pix online for all to see. Everyone had a lot of suggestions! This is very much appreciated :) Please continue to think of suggestions and the possibility of fundraisers will be discussed & finalized at the next meeting.

On 04/08/08, we'll be going over our list of peers to determine who is still "missing" and other means to try and locate them. Also, we'll need to find ways to get specific contact information on those who have been located. Please bring your favor ideas for the reunion along with what they add to the ticket prices.

I believe I've noted what's been going on and what needs to happen. If I'm forgetting something, let me know! See everyone at the next meeting!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We Need YOUR Help!!

It's time to start locating our peers!!   We have located some classmates and we know that with your help we can find many more.  Please take the time to view the list of our classmates at:

If you have current contact information (address, phone number and/or e-mail address) for someone who has not been located, please submit their information to us ASAP.  We would like to have as many contacts as possible prior to our next meeting.

Thanks for your time and assistance!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Our First Committee Meeting!!!

Hello everyone!

Well, I am very happy to report that our first committee meeting went very well. Alot was accomplished.  For those of you who were unable to attend, here's the scoop:

Meeting attendees: Danielle (Wilson), Michelle (Walsh), Dawn (Wasil), and Leslie Phillips

Before I get to our preliminary reunion itinerary, I want to mention that we researched all of the possible venues that were previously mentioned in this blog.  Most of them were simply too expensive or logistically too complicated to plan at this point. Our biggest issue is money.  After consulting with Class President Andy Heers, we learned that our class fund has either minimal or no funds.  That means that any monies required for reservations would have to be footed up front from us as a committee.  Most of the venues we discussed would have cost thousands of dollars (HOB wanted 8,000.00 for room rental alone!).  

Now, on to the itinerary:

We have decided to make this reunion an all weekend event.  This will make it more worthwhile for anyone who has to travel and will allow everyone more time to see each other. The tentative reunion date is the weekend of JULY 25TH through JULY 27TH.

FRIDAY NIGHT - we're looking to "Bring the Class Home" by having a casual gathering at Razzles at the Run (aka Pheasant Run Inn). This will be just a have fun - pay for your own event. Everyone seems to like this idea of getting together to catch up and drink prior to the big day.

SATURDAY NIGHT -  will be the actual reunion, which we thought would be neat to have at Antlers (just like the proms were).  We are thinking this could be a formal event-as if we were revisiting our senior prom.  Theme is yet to be determined. Again, this is tentative.  We are currently looking at cost and venue availability.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON - will be Family Day, which will be held at one of the lake front parks - everyone can show off their family here. This will be a casual "bring your own picnic" event. The only thing provided by the Class Committee on Sunday would be Pavilion rental and maybe an activity.

All the details are still being worked out and we are planning to finalize everything at our next meeting Saturday March 15th. 

More to be posted soon....

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Our First Class Reunion Committee Meeting 

Ok guys...Here we go.  We have decided to try to have our first committee meeting next Saturday afternoon (February 23).  We are not sure where yet, but we are thinking possibly Scoreboards in Lagrange. Depending on where we all live, we might be able to come up with a more central location. It's kind of up in the air. I hope that those of you who are interested are able to attend.  If you are interested in being on a committee and are not able to attend, please let me know. If any of you have an idea of what you might want to help out with, that would be great as it would hopefully make for a more organized meeting.  I know the initial meeting is going to be rather exciting, but we need to try to get the ball rolling.

If, for some reason, most of you are tied up next weekend with other things and we need to re-schedule, that is alright.  We are just trying to get things started. Hopefully next Saturday will work.

I just wanted to take the time to say that I have looked at all of your profiles and I am SO glad that everyone  is doing well.  Congratulations to all of you who have gotten married, have babies, or are expecting babies :o)!  Kudos to the rest of us who are single, but content and happy!!

Well, I think thats all I wanted to say.  Hopefully we can get a nice group next Saturday.  As always, let me know your thoughts.  Take care everyone!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Reunion Committees and meeting...

Hello all,

I appreciate everyone's input on our class reunion over the past few weeks.  There are a lot of great ideas being passed around.  We certainly have a lot to consider.  I would like to have a meeting on a Saturday (sometime in the NEAR FUTURE) to start organizing and pulling together all these ideas. We will need to form some committees to streamline all of our individual efforts.

Here is a list that we've come up with:

  • FOOD/LIQUOR (only if venue does not provide)
  • CLEAN UP/SET UP (only if venue does not provide)

Start thinking about what committee (if any) you would like to be on and we can hopefully get this stuff knocked out in a meeting.  Also we need someone to be the Master of Ceremonies for the Reunion.  Our first thought was to have Andy, Our Class President, be the Master of Ceremonies.  We've been in contact with him and at this time he cannot make a commitment to do so because of his travel requirements for his job.  He will keep us posted as to if/when his travel requirements are more manageable.

As far as a meeting location, I believe most of you are still residing in Lorain County, so it would make sense to have it in that vicinity.  I am willing to drive anywhere. If anyone has a better idea about a meeting location, please let me know! 

There are a few options that would involve being outdoors.  My only concern would be weather.

I hope to see and hear from all of you soon!!!


Monday, January 14, 2008

Class Reunion Committees and Event Planning

Hello to all my fellow Keystone Class of 1998 Graduates!

This year will mark the 10th anniversary of our high school graduation (I can't believe it either) and we are planning a class reunion.  Myspace is a great tool for networking and bringing all of us together so that we can plan what I hope will be a fun, worthwhile event.  I really want as much input as possible!

We are currently in the  brainstorming stage of planning for the reunion.  Basically, a location has to be decided before we can get too far.  Here are a few ideas:

Put-In-Bay Weekend (Friday and Saturday) - I am favoring this one, but then again, I am single and have no commitments with babies, spouses, money, etc.

House of Blues - catered social events with live entertainment, dancing, etc.

Kalahari - a resort-like atmosphere

Nautica Queen - always a nice option, but the cruise only lasts a few hours.

Great Wolf

No matter what the venue is, we our figuring on having a few reunion-related activities.

Friday Night: Social gathering at a bar, comedy club, picnic, etc...(OPTIONAL)

Saturday: Golf outing, brunch, family gathering, etc...(OPTIONAL)

Saturday Night: Actual Reunion Event

Let me know what you think about all this and we will go from there. This all depends on how enthusiastic we  are about this, how much money our class account has, and how much money we are all individually willing to spend. 

We are tentatively planning this for a weekend in August...


You can contact the Reunion Committee by e-mail: